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LintZapper Portable Lint Sheets 3 Pack

LintZapper Portable Lint Sheets 3 Pack

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Staying lint and pet hair free just got easier with LintZapper’s ultra slim disposable lint remover that fits conveniently in a pocket or bag.


The LintZapper is a new, portable laundry problem solver. Designed with convenience and portability in mind, they are a perfect alternative to bulky lint rollers. LintZapper is the most portable lint and fur remover in a discreet, flat package.


Simply open the small pack, peel off a sheet, and apply to your clothing, then toss the sheet out when you’re done. Lint Zappers were designed to take with you anywhere. Use at home before heading out for the day, and toss it in your pocket or bag for quick touch-ups on the go. Lint Zappers are versatile and can even be used to get hard to reach lint, hair and crumbs out of bags, luggage, inside cup holders in the car, etc. LintZapper is made of recyclable cardboard and biodegradable sheets so it’s safe for the environment.


Each booklet contains 40 super-tacky sheets, inside of a foldable easy to close pack.

This contains 3 packs of 40 count sheets for a total of 120 sheets!

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