I bought the 2 pack of the Furzapper. I have been using them about a month. I have a VERY furry BIG dog, 140 lbs worth of furry. He has a fuzzy undercoat that is incredible but it does get everywhere when it is time for him to blow his coat in the springtime. I use both of the FurZappers in the load. I put them in the washer and the dryer. For those loads with a lot of fuzz on them, I put the load in the dryer with the FurZappers before I wash to remove some of the excess. Then I wash the load with both FurZappers and then put them in the dryer. I also add a 1/4 cup of vinegar to the rinse water on loads with a lot of hair to remove. You have to clean them every few loads to keep them working but it is no big deal just wash them off with a little dishwashing liquid and pull off any hair still on tem and throw them in the wash with the next load. It beats trying to use a lint brush on your laundry before you wash. 4
I bought the fur zapper a couple weeks ago as I have two giant Newfoundlands. Surprisingly our pet hair problem isn’t the worst despite having two fluff balls for dogs, but I still hate the fur on my black clothes and I carry a lint roller religiously. Well, I’ve finally gone out without it!

I put two in the wash, then transfer them over to the dryer along with three whool balls and I can tell you without question the combo is better than anything else I’ve ever tried. My clothes are fur free and you can reuse the fur zapper a few times before you need to clean it, which is very easy. It not only helps with pet hair, I’ve noticed those annoying tiny white balls on all of my black leggings disappear as well.
Somehow my sons cat manages to shed more than a couple Golden Retrievers or Shepherds. Part of his routine before he leaves the house is a thorough roll down with a lint roller to de-fur himself. His bedding and chairs in his room - are constantly covered in a layer of fur. It's a bit excessive to be honest. I bought these on a whim for him. My son took one and just pat himself down with it. Picked up gobs of cat hair. He was actually excited about it. Quicker and more thorough than the lint roller. It gathers fur quickly so you have to rinse between uses or when it is full - but it definitely is faster and more efficient than a lint roller, tape or shaving the cat.

Worked amazing in the laundry too. Toss it in and collects fur. I love this FurZapper. It is so simple and a definite essential for any household with pets.
I have two Shelties and Spring and Fall the shedding is unimaginable. I use these in every wash and dry cycle all year long. This picture was after I washed a couple of dog towels. It doesn't get all the hair from my laundry, but it's a great start. I've had them since February, and they are still like new. Just another tool in my fight against indoor shedding. PS: my furbabies are worth it!
This thing picked up so much fur and hair out of the dryer, I'm impressed. It looks like a small furry creature stuck to the Zapper.

I'm no so easily wowed about most things, my expectations are rarely met but this little sticky bugger did the trick.

I wear all black, all the time, even my lounge clothes are black. We happen to have a golden retriever who loves cuddles and pets. This of course leaves much of her beautiful fur embedded in the weave of my clothing. During washing this tends to share the fur with other clothes I've managed to keep out of the fluff. I've looked the part of crazy dog lady for so long...... But NO Longer!

Thank you FurZapper I haven't seen my clothes not covered in fur for far too long!
Yes! I have two kitties and one is long haired and gets "kittie fuzz" everywhere. I bought 4 and used two in the washer, then two in the dryer. I don't see much kitty hair on the Furzappers from the two in the washer, but definitely see LOTS less kittie fuzz on my clothes coming out of the dryer, and lots of kitty fuzz on the Furzappers coming out of the dryer. So in my final wash load today I just used all four in the dryer and there is very little kitty hair or kitty fuzz on my clothes coming out of the dryer today! I washed the four Furzappers in soapy water per the instructions and there is a lot of kitty fuzz coming off the Furzappers. Very easy to wash. Very pleased with this product.
I own a Golden and a Newf/Golden/lab mix, and I am a volunteer trainer for Service Dogs In Training which are primarily golden/lab mixes, and most with long coats, so I have a CONSTANT problem with dog hair EVERYWHERE. I keep a blanket over my couch and after washing it with one of these guys, and drying it with the other, there was a HUGE difference in how much hair was left on the blanket. I forgot to take a before-washing-them-off picture to show just how much they were covered in hair but the picture above (yeah sorry its a little gross) is how much hair I got off these little guys. They wash off super easily with soap and water and get sticky again as they dry.

Note: I have an HE (aka low fill) Top load washer with agitator
Well, I'll be! They work! I was skeptical at first. But, after using the Fur Zappers for a few weeks now, I'm impressed with the results.

We have a Maine Coon and a domestic short hair. Cat hair woven into my bath towels and polo shirts is no longer a problem.

Thanks for a simple, yet great product.
Picked this up to help combat three shedding dogs. It works great getting hair out of the laundry that normally would still be on clothes after they were cleaned. Easy to use and clean.