Question: Is Dog Hair Clogging my Washing Machine and Dryer?

To remove pet fur from your washer and dryer you should use a product that will remove the hair from clothing, and then remove the pet fur from the washer tub itself. You can use Fabric Softeners, and anti-lint solutions, or something which is specifically designed for Washers and Dryers. (For example, I’ve used the FurZapper, it is the only product that removes pet hair from your laundry) [][1] Just be careful to check your washers filters, and especially your dryers lint trap. Too much pet fur can clog your drain, or worse, start a fire in your dryer. Check lint traps often. Most washers have 1 or 2 places to trap pet fur. Dryers have just one- if you have a lot of dog hair then this could easily clog up when using something made specifically for your washer dryer.
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