Pet Grooming Glove by FurZapper

Quickly remove excess fur from your pets

Soft bristles relax and massage even the most sensitive areas

Waterproof durable silicone can be easily washed clean or used in bath

Double-sided with over 2,000 soft bristles

Great for removing pet hair from Couches, bedding, Car seats, Rugs and more

Gently and effectively remove excess pet hair with The FurZapper Pet Grooming glove. Designed to be gentle, durable, and efficient, the FurZapper Pet grooming glove makes hair removal a simple and enjoyable process for your pets.
Simply put the glove on either hand, and pet, rub, and massage the hair off. Once you are finished, just peel off the excess layer of hair or rinse off in your sink.
The Pet Grooming glove is made out of safe, allergy-free, hypo-allergenic silicone and can be used thousands of times. Bring the glove into your pets bath for an extra-special, super-sudsy bathing experience!
Many Uses: 
-Use on your couches, beds, rugs, and clothing
-Great for the car or truck! Clean your seats off in seconds!
-Use during bath-time and de-shed while you wash your pet
-Gently massage your pets with super soft surface- no wires, blades, or hard bumps
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