Pet Fur Removal Solutions and Ideas

If you’re prepared to take dog and cat hair removal to a completely new level, have a look at the FurZapper.

Pets are a large portion of our everyday lifestyle. They can create other problems around the home. When you have a dog, you are going to want to have a vacuum designed to tackle a good deal of pet fur. Dog fur shedding may be a big issue, especially on clothes.

 Here are a few solutions that some people have tried:

1) Sticky sheets or tape- Keep your clothes or house clean of pet fur with Sticky Sheets. Rolls of tape won’t won’t keep up with your Siberian Husky.

2) Pet Fur vacuum

Some prefer expensive vacuums or robotic vacuums. Even the optimal vacuum cleaners may have a tough time removing each one of the pet hairs from a carpet, and you don’t want to use them on your clothes.

3) The FurZapper- this product works in both your washer and dryer to cling to and wash away cat or dog fur or hair

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