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Effortlessly Remove Pet Hair From Your Clothes and Laundry!

Join the ranks of over 100,000+ delighted pet parents who have discovered the magic of FurZapper! 

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Discover the revolutionary FurZapper, a brainchild of innovation born from an unexpected moment. Michael Sweigart, inspired by a foam Zombie mask entangled in dog hair, created a groundbreaking solution for pet owners worldwide. Featured on the acclaimed show Shark Tank, this silicon-based marvel is transforming laundry experiences.

Expertly designed to resemble a hockey puck adorned with charming paw prints, the FurZapper is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in pet hair removal. Effortlessly working in both washers and dryers, it attracts and captures pet hair, ensuring your clothes emerge spotlessly clean and fur-free.

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FurZapper™ Pet Hair Remover

Includes: 2x Double Pack FurZapper

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FurZapper™ Ultimate Pet Owner Bundle

Includes: 2x 2 Pack FurZapper, 1x FurZapper Glove, 3x LintZapper Packs

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FurZapper™ Pet Hair Remover

Includes: 3x Double Pack FurZapper

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"If Dog Hair is a problem, you absolutely 100% need these!!" - Jeff

"I wanted a dog that doesn't shed and I got a dog that takes shedding as his personal responsibility and wow is he good at it.

I rumba and vacuum multiple times a week, lint roll dog hair off of everything and still its dog hair city. Nothing worst than washing your clothes and STILL having dog hair on them out of the dryer...

How can these possibly work? I have no idea, they are like squishy rubbery who knows what but they are AMAZING! They work better than Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets and are reusable so overall cost less. After using the Furzapper there are now no more dog hairs on my clothes. Amazing!"

Discover the Magic Behind the FurZapper!

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Discover the Magic Behind the FurZapper! Step into a world where pet hair problems vanish. With the FurZapper, it's not just about cleaning—it's about revolutionizing your laundry experience. Let's break down the genius:

  • Innovative Material: Crafted with a special silicon-based foam, it’s designed to attract and trap pet hair.
  • Effortless Usage: Just toss it into your washer or dryer. No complicated procedures.
  • Paw Print Power: Its unique hockey-puck design with paw openings isn’t just cute—it maximizes hair-catching efficiency.
  • Consistent Results: Whether it’s the first wash or the hundredth, expect a fur-free outcome every time.

Ditch the traditional, tedious methods of de-furring. Embrace the future with FurZapper and experience the magic firsthand! 🌟🐕‍🦺🌀

Shed Happens! Unleash the Power of FurZapper!

1. Negotiate with your Pet

Do whatever you have to do to get your Pet off the fur filled clothes.

2. Load FurZapper into Your Washer

Before starting your laundry cycle, simply place both FurZappers in your washing machine with your clothes and detergent. If you have a larger load or extra shedding pets, you can use both FurZappers for maximum effectiveness. Run your usual wash cycle.

3. Transfer FurZapper to Your Dryer

After the wash cycle is complete, remove the FurZappers from the dryer.

That's it! With these three simple steps, you can enjoy the benefits of FurZapper and keep your laundry pet hair-free without any extra effort or hassle. Remember that FurZapper is re-usable, so you can use it over and over before needing a replacement.

Watch the FurZapper in Action!

Frequently Asked Questions

The FurZapper is not only a safe material, but it stays elastic and pliable even in extreme cold, or heat up to several hundred degrees. Similar ingredients are used in food supply, even baby items. Please keep away from any person or animal who may try to eat it. It sure will not be easy to eat, but play it safe and keep in your washer or dryer.

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