Question: Is Dog Hair Clogging my Washing Machine and Dryer?

How do I get the dog fur out of my clothes washer or dryer?

Better than pet hair roller?

Better than pet hair roller?

To remove pet fur from your washer and dryer you should use a product that will remove the hair from clothing, and then remove the pet fur from the washer tub itself. You can use Fabric Softeners, and anti-lint solutions, or something which is specifically designed for Washers and Dryers. (For example, I’ve used the FurZapper, it is the only product that removes pet hair from your laundry) [][1] Just be careful to check your washers filters, and especially your dryers lint trap. Too much pet fur can clog your drain, or worse, start a fire in your dryer. Check lint traps often. Most washers have 1 or 2 places to trap pet fur. Dryers have just one- if you have a lot of dog hair then this could easily clog up when using something made specifically for your washer dryer.


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