FurZapper 2-Pack (1-2 Pets)

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  • Removes Pet Hair From Clothes and Laundry While You Wash
  • TWO-PACK – Ideal for up to 2 Pets- Use both in Washer and Dryer
  • Prevents Re-Washing Of Your Laundry- Saves on Detergent, Water, and Time
  • Re-Usable, Hypoallergenic, Safe for Kid’s Clothing, Self-Cleaning
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA!

Say Hello to Fur Zapper, the only Fur Remover for your Laundry (patent pending) 2-Pack of the Classic FurZapper- Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry.

Get a Special price on 2 Classic FurZappers- especially good with multiple pets. The best and only Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry. A 2-pack is Great for larger furry households (2 or more shedding pets). Keep one in the washer, and one in the dryer, or double up for some extra punch. Don’t forget FurZappers will last for hundreds of washes and hundreds of drying cycles. and is guaranteed to gently pull Dog or Cat Fur from your Laundry. Better than a lint roller, dryer sheets, or any home made recipe you can find online. Patent-Pending, the one and only FurZapper.

FurZapper removes pet hair from your clothing while you wash and dry your clothes.

FurZapper helps remove fur, hair, lint, dander and other debris on your clothes, bedding, jackets, dresses, blankets, sheets and anything that you wash and dry.

Works in both washer AND dryer. Safe for all clothing, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, Re-usable, easy, and self-cleaning! FurZapper is made from a very soft, tacky, flexible material that grabs dog or car fur and hair, pulls it from the clothes, and washes it down the drain or into your lint trap. The patent-pending pet fur remover helps remove fur, hair, lint, dander and more on your clothes, pet bed, jackets, blankets, and more.

The 5-STAR RATED FurZapper is very tacky, and very flexible, and is gummy enough make fur, hair, dust, and debris cling to it. A washer and dryer’s movements helps FurZapper cling to fur as it tumbles

FurZapper 2-PACK- Pet Hair and Fur Remover For Laundry

Additional Features:
100% Safe for all clothing

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for FurZapper 2-Pack (1-2 Pets)

  1. Felix

    I wasn’t sure how this would work. Seemed a bit gimmicky and “too good to be true”. Make sure to follow directions (they are easy), but I jumped the gun and then didn’t understand how it worked. Once I added to washer and then transferred to the dryer it worked better than expected. Usually my lint trap catches a small amount of hair or fur, but after using this it was nearly full top to bottom. It’s pretty good

  2. Robin Martin

    Tried this for my Jack Russells and White long haired Cat who shed everywhere. Tired of picking fur off of fresh laundry. This works- it really works. Impressed. I’ve used it for at least 30 loads so far and still can’t believe how much it gets the pesky white cat fur that sticks to EVERYTHING!

  3. dogowner

    I ordered the two pack and have only used it a few times, but I like it. Like most reusable fur removing products, this one does not remove every single piece of hair, but it does help remove a lot more than I would normally get out. I own two high shedding dogs including a husky. Every little bit helps!

  4. Tom Rivers

    Used for about 50 loads so far and working good for my 6 cats!

  5. Cathy Kline


  6. Crystal

    These are amazing. I was hesitant at first because I’m cheap. I felt like the price was too much for something that probably wouldn’t work. I finally caved. I have 3 very hairy indoor dogs, my clothes, sheets, towels, and EVERYTHING get covered in dog hair. These things actually work and work well! Be prepared though, you may have to sweep, clean, or in my case shopvac the hair out of your washer and dryer that it removes. These things are now basically vital to my survival! If you have any doubt, trust me they work and work very well!

  7. Soggy Doggy, LLC

    We are a full service grooming salon and we LOVE this product! We used to have to remove hair clumps by hand and this is a great time saver.

    • furzapper

      Thanks Soggy Doggy!

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