April 17, 2017

Question: Is Dog Hair Clogging my Washing Machine and Dryer?

How do I get the dog fur out of my clothes washer or dryer? To remove pet fur from your washer and dryer you should use a product that will remove the hair from clothing, and then remove the pet fur from the washer tub itself. You can use Fabric Softeners, and anti-lint solutions, or something which is specifically designed for Washers and Dryers. (For example, I’ve used the FurZapper, it is the only product that removes pet hair from your laundry) [www.furzapper.com][1] Just be careful to check your washers filters, and especially your dryers lint trap. Too much pet fur can clog your drain, or worse, start a fire in your dryer. Check lint traps often. Most washers have 1 or 2 places to trap pet fur. Dryers have just one- if you have a lot of dog hair then this could easily clog up when using something made specifically for your washer dryer.  
March 19, 2017

Pet Fur Removal Solutions and Ideas

  If you’re prepared to take dog and cat hair removal to a completely new level, have a look at the FurZapper. Pets are a large portion of our everyday lifestyle. They can create other problems around the home. When you have a dog, you are going to want to have a vacuum designed to tackle a good deal of pet fur. Dog fur shedding may be a big issue, especially on clothes.   Here are a few solutions that some people have tried:   1) Sticky sheets or tape- Keep your clothes or house clean of pet fur with Sticky Sheets. Rolls of tape won’t won’t keep up with your Siberian Husky.   2) Pet Fur vacuum Some prefer expensive vacuums or robotic vacuums. Even the optimal vacuum cleaners may have a tough time removing each one of the pet hairs from a carpet, and you don’t want to use them on your clothes.   3) The FurZapper- this product works in both your washer and dryer to cling to and wash away cat or dog fur or hair
March 17, 2017

Removing Pet Fur from Clothes

In the USA today, most of us have a pet or several pets. Our pets can definitely cause a significant problem in regards to our house upholstery particularly when they begin to scatter around their hairs. Should you have a pet that sheds fur, you will definitely need to put money into some very good pet fur removal solutions. Your pet will certainly appreciate the excess warmth a dog coat or sweater can offer. It is necessary to make certain that if you’ve got a pet in your house maintaining great hygiene not only for your family members, but for the pet also. Dog and Cat Allergies are a big issue with friends and family.   You wouldn’t believe that a cat requires any help in taking good care of its fur coat as they spend a great deal of time cleaning themselves everyday. So, definitely if you’re having a cat for a pet then you ought to take solid; substantial care of your cat’s hairs. There are many people who are drawn to cats by how they look, but it is quite important to keep in mind your cat will probably be living with you for more than ten years. For some folks, though, a grown cat is a far better choice. You’re going to be living with the comprehensive cat, with many fantastic things, and some bad. These cats are among the simplest to keep as pets, particularly for families with children. FurZapper for cat fur is a one-of-a-kind tool which every cat owner must try.  
January 26, 2017


October 16, 2014

FurZapper- The pet fur remover

Ready to Get the Fur Off Your Clothes? Say goodbye to cheap lint rollers for pet fur.
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