What Is This Magic?

Below are some common questions about the FurZapper. If your question is not answered, please contact us.

How Many FurZappers Should I Get?

We recommend One FurZapper per Pet, however, the more the better!

Example: If you have four pets then we recommend a total of four FurZappers. Make sure that All of the FurZapper go in your washer while you wash your laundry, and then all of your FurZappers should then go in the dryer while drying your laundry.

If you have a single pet that sheds their hair quite a lot, or if you expect to be washing and drying any bedding or blankets that are likely to be filled with large quantities of her hair or fur, then get a 2-Pack 

Is it safe in my Washer and Dryer?

The FurZapper is not only a safe material, but it stays elastic and pliable even in extreme cold, or heat up to several hundred degrees. Similar ingredients are used in food supply, even baby items. Please keep away from any person or animal who may try to eat it. It sure will not be easy to eat, but play it safe and keep in your washer or dryer.

How do I take care of my FurZapper?
If needed, rinse off with water. Add a drop of dish soap if needed. Your FurZapper cleans itself in the Washing Cycle.

How long does it last?
The FurZapper can last indefinitely, perhaps thousands of washing cycles. In fact, you can probably leave it in your will to your offspring.

What is the story behind the FurZapper?
The FurZapper was created because we were finding Pet Fur on everything- clothes, blankets, pet pillows, pretty much everything fabric. Not only did a furry shirt, hat, or blanket look bad, but it sure does not help with pet allergies when you are literally wearing dog or cat fur.

How does it work? Is it Magic?
The FurZapper is very tacky, and very flexible. It is just gummy enough to allow small objects such as fur, hair, dust, and debris to cling to it. The constant movement and circulation of a washer or dryer helps lift off anything that clings to it as it tumbles around. What can permanently stick to the FurZapper? Almost nothing. The list is very very small.

Laundry Pet Hair remover

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